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Hello everyone,

Today I will show you how to create your first business email account. actually, it’s so simple.

  1. First log into MailWish Dashboard.
  2. Visit ‘My Email Hosting’:
  3. Select ‘Domains‘ and then choose ‘Add Domain‘ to incorporate your business domain, for this example we use ‘frontflare.com,’ which you can later use for your Business Email.
  4. After adding your domain, navigate to ‘Email Accounts‘, here you can create Unlimited Email accounts
  5. Done! Click ‘Create Account‘ and choose your business email domain!
  6. Log in to your new Business Email Account with our top-winning Webmail: Mailbux Business Email Login
    Business email login: https://mailbux.com
    Mobile Apps:


You can create full-featured unlimited business email account in a few minutes.

Next: Setup DNS records to make your emails fully working with our Email Hosting Platform.

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